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Top Web Design Principles For 2020

There are some web design principles that stay the same while others are constantly evolving. With each new year, there are certain principles that you need to know about and 2020 is no different. Some of these principles have remained the same while others have taken a drastic turn.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive designs are one of the principles that have stayed the same and is something that has been around for years. Most people assume that adaptive design is a mobile-friendly design, but there is more to this. The web design will also need to adapt to different browsers.

While Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser, your website needs to render correctly on Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. If your website cannot adapt to the browser, you are going to lose traffic. Your web design should also adjust to the size of the desktop browser.

Asymmetric Design

For a long time, websites have used symmetrical grid template with carefully arranged structures. This is a principle that has changed and web design is moving away from grids and toward asymmetrical designs. This increases the individuality and creativity of the website which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Of course, you will need to be careful with this design principle and not overdo anything. It is very easy to fall into the trap of intensifying this design approach. This will leave you with a website that is hard to navigate and understand bring a poor user experience. While originality is important, you cannot compromise navigation for it.

Simple Designs With Large Text

Minimalist design combined with bright colours and large text is another principle for 2020. However, as with the asymmetric design, you have to be careful to not overdo everything. Choose a few bold colours that can be consistently used across the website. Too many colours can be jarring and could cause a distorted view.

When it comes to the text on the page, a few sentences or words will work better than paragraphs. This makes adaptable design easier to achieve and will ensure your visitors always know what is happening on the page. The use of empty space is also important in this principle as it enhances the limited wording.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have been around for a while, but this year will tell if they are here to stay or if they annoy users too much. While there is no consensus on the use of push notifications, they are something you should incorporate into your web design. Including push notifications in your design will improve conversions and traffic.

Of course, you need to ensure the notification can easily be disabled. The notification should also be unobtrusive as you do not want to annoy your users. A small box at the top of the screen is generally enough and more people are becoming used to this.

As Armagh Web Design explains there are many web design principles for 2020 that you need to know about. These principles include asymmetric designs with bold colours and large text. You should also have an adaptable design that offers push notifications.