Web Design Ideas for 2020

Creative Web Design Ideas for 2020

There are a lot of people who leave a website because the design does not appeal to them. You do not want this to be your website and creative web design is how you can avoid this. If you are unsure where to start with creative web design, there are some ideas that you can consider.

Have An Interactive Design

A passive experience is something you want to move away from when someone lands on your website. An interactive experience will create better engagement between the website and the visitor. This can also help you provide information in bite-size chunks without cluttering the web page.

To make the website more interactive, you could have an animated menu. When the user scrolls over sprites, the animation will change and when clicked will navigate to a new page. You can also have information fade in after a set amount of time or when the user scrolls.

Have Original Illustrations

Interactive websites are not the right option for all businesses. If you do not feel this will work with your business, you need to look at other ways to stand out. Original illustrations are one way to do this.

Original illustrations will have the same style and colour palette as the rest of your branding and marketing. This improves the cohesion of the web design and will help with brand recognition. Original illustrations are also better than stock photos because they are different and not something your visitor has seen on 5 other websites.

Incorporate Product Photos

If your business sells products, you should incorporate product photos into your web design. A lot of people assume these photos are not very interesting or attractive, but they can be. All you need to do is think about how you take these photos.

Instead of having the product against a sterile white background, you can place them in a usage situation. If you sell kitchen appliances, artfully place the item in a kitchen with food around it. If you sell sports shoes, you can have the shoes in the centre of the picture with tennis balls or footballs around it.

These creative images can become the background on your website or sliders that take visitors to different areas of the website. Of course, if your business is service-based, this web design idea will not be helpful.

Add Some Colour

Minimalist websites like Ni Web Design can work for many businesses, but you do not want to appear to dull. A splash of colour can help break up the page and show visitors the different sections. You should not be afraid to use some bright colours.

Of course, you do need to be careful with contrasting colours. The colours should work well together and not hurt the eyes. Keeping the colours on brand is also a good idea.

There are many creative web design ideas you can use. Not all of these ideas will work for your business and you need to choose the ones that highlight your business the most. Interactive websites are a good idea, but you can also add some original illustrations and colour instead.